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5 Home Projects Only a Professional Should Do

  It’s easy for homeowners to get caught up in the world of Pinterest and do-it-yourself blogs. While unique, custom projects can be a great way to personalize or spruce up your home, some projects are better left to professional contractors. Next time a friend or client has a brilliant idea to attempt one of these projects on their own, let them know why some things are best when left in the hands of pros.
      1. Tree Removal: Whether it’s cutting down an overgrown tree or digging

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up a giant stump, this project can be an accident waiting to happen, especially if the tree is close to your house. Working from a height of 10 or 15 feet with large

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5 Steps For An Easy And Impactful Kitchen Makeover

     Renovating a kitchen can be a huge expense, and a huge hassle, but you can get a brand-new feel at a fraction of the average cost. That means forgoing major structural, plumbing, or electrical changes and concentrating on fixtures, finishes, and fanciful details.
      Counters: If you just don't have the money for quartz but you want a sleeker look, The Spruce.com has several ideas for covering over your existing countertops with everything from paint to paper. We love the concrete look that was achieved for just $200 by pouring Level Quick Concrete right over tile counters!
      Cabinets: One word: Paint. A dingy, dark, or outdated kitchen can be transformed with this one task. You can read a thousand different articles that discuss DIY versus hiring a pro, but all you really need to ask yourself is this: Are you up for the challenge?
      The truth is, painting your kitchen cabinets is tedious and will test your patience. You will want to give up - more than once - and you will question your sanity a few times, too. But if you can get through it while maintaining a good technique and resisting the urge to cut corners, you'll have cabinets that will

Curb Appeal Problems And Easy Ways To Fix Them

     Just how important is curb appeal? Real estate industry legend Barbara Corcoran has said, "Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it." What are buyers going to see in the first eight seconds after driving up to your place?
      If you've walked around the perimeter of your house recently, you've probably seen at least a couple of issues that need to be addressed before you sell. And your plan probably depends on how much time you have available. If you're listing your house today and expect immediate interest, you may have to pick from a few quick tips to get it in the best shape you can. Have a little more time? You can make a real impact in improving the curb appeal so potential buyers will drive up and want to see more.
      Everything just looks a little shabby: It may be time to bite the bullet and repaint the house, or, at least, address some peeling trim. If your windows, walkways, and ornamental details are looking drab, a power washer can help transform the area easily and inexpensively. This is a relatively easy DIY task and the rental will only cost you about $40 a day from Home Depot.
      Your open house is today and your yard is looking pretty boring: You may not have time to do any new plantings, but that doesn't mean you can't make the yard look tidy and pretty. Fresh flowers in pots placed near your front door will bring the eye up from the street to your entry and give the

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30 or 15 Year? You Have More Choices, You Know

     If you're brand new to the wonderful world of home loans, you might be a bit overwhelmed at how many different types of financing options are really out there. There's a fixed rate loan and there's an adjustable rate loan. There's also what is referred to as a "hybrid" loan, which in essence is an adjustable rate mortgage but has an initial period where the rate is fixed for say three or five years before turning into a loan that can adjust once very six months or a year.
      If you decide you want a hybrid loan, then you'll need to decide which rate you want to take. Do you want a lower rate and pay a discount point to get that rate or will you opt for the no-point option and take a slightly higher rate? Do you want to lock in that rate right away or wait for a while until you get closer to the closing

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